Vande Studios

Let me introduce myself! I’m Vance Elumbaugh and in 2017 my family moved to Billings Montana from Atlanta Georgia. So many people ask me why and I tell them it’s a great place to raise my son Maverick. Billings has the small town feel but all the city attributes we love. Please contact us if you have any questions we are always willing to customize any service or product a client needs. Join us on Facebook! Thanks for visiting our page and we look forward to working with you soon.

Life is about building beautiful memories, and I love helping my clients cherish them. Creating portraits or documenting a wedding day is like reading a new story for me. My clients are the authors; I am the illustrator! As a child, the National Geographic magazine’s amazing photography brought the whole world to my door, and I wanted to learn to create the same kind of quality photographs. So, I studied graphic arts in school. When I first stepped into a darkroom, rolled film onto a reel, and developed my own film, I was hooked! Watching blank paper become an incredible image ignited a burning love for photography. I focused on keeping a camera at hand everywhere and cultivating my skills. Traveling in Europe and participating in art festivals meant working with other photographers locally and from around the world. In 2005, I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana, studying various facets of film and digital photography, including digital manipulation. Vandé Studios was born soon after and has been in business ever since. Vandé Studios’ serves you for portraits, weddings, events, pet portraits, landscapes, and restoration.

It’s going to be perfect!

Let us be a part of your special day!

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